Our Favorite Bikes from Our Favorite Brands

We carry and demo our favorite models from Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Juliana, and Haibike. Our 'Ride Before You Buy' program allows to you to test-ride a variety of styles and models, to help you figure out the perfect bike for your lifestyle. All demo fees incurred in this effort are applied towards the purchase price of your ultimate decision.  Already know what bike you are looking for? You can make your purchase on-line, understanding that new bike purchases are in-store pick up only. Demo bikes, when available for sale, can be picked up at the shop, or you can call the shop to arrange shipping anywhere in the continental USA. 


Select a brand below to get started. Not sure where to look? Head over to our demo page for some quick overviews of our different styles of bike, from trail to enduro to crossover, to see what sounds best for your rides!

  Rocky Mountain Bicycles   2018 Inventory

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

2018 Inventory

  Ibis Cycles    (Online Soon)

Ibis Cycles

(Online Soon)

  Juliana Bicycles   2019 Inventory

Juliana Bicycles

2019 Inventory

  Haibike   (Online Soon)


(Online Soon)

  Santa Cruz Bicycles   2019 Inventory

Santa Cruz Bicycles

2019 Inventory