Demo (Ride Before You Buy)

What is the ‘Ride Before You Buy’ Demo Program?


The ‘Ride Before You Buy’ Demo Program is all about Test-Riding the various bikes you are interested in; doing it on your favorite trail, in a real world situation; and determining what bike’s performance, fit, style, really fits for you. Once you have decided on what bike you are ready to buy, we will deduct 75% of your demo fees towards the purchase price. Some restrictions apply.



Choose from top brands:

Rocky Mountain   Santa Cruz   Juliana   Deviate   Revel   Murf         




 General Demo / Rental Bike Information

1/ All mountain bikes that we rent and demo are trail bikes, designed to climb to the top and descend with conviction. We do not rent/demo downhill rigs.
2/ Pick a bike that fits your riding style and trail needs. In making your selection, consider that the shorter the travel, the better the climber, 
though with today’s modern geometry, even the longer travel bikes climb amazingly well. The longer the travel, the better the descender and the more  
stable at high speed, though once again, modern geo has made the shorter travel bikes very capable descenders. 
3/ Reserving a bike on-line is an all-day affair, meaning from open to close. We open at 10 am, and ask that you please return bikes by 5:45 pm to give 
us time for processing before 6 pm close.
4/ Regardless of a bike's capability, we do not let our bikes to go NorthStar's Bike Park. There is a lot of rough, rocky, super techy expert terrain at
NorthStar, and we suggest if that's your jam, rent a DH bike from the park concession. You'll have a lot more fun. If you break this rule, you will be 
held liable for the damage or replacement up to the full retail price of the bike. No exceptions.

If you love your riding experience, and are interested in purchasing a rental/demo bike at a great price at the end of our riding season, let us know and 
we'll put you on the email list. Multi-day rentals are available. Please book the first day of your rental, then call us to book extra days at 530.582.1890
 or email us at


Please fill out BOTH the Info Form and Liability Waiver below.