Murf Electric Bikes

In searching for a brand that would fill the needs of the local bike path commuter, CyclePaths landed on Murf Electric Biycles. With a wide range of classic cruisers, reimagined to fit a modern lifestyle, here is a brand with something for everyone: cargo, kiddie transport, townie, fat bike, mini-bike. “We wanted something fast, reliable, comfortable and good looking…so we made the most awesome electric beach cruiser that we could.” We feel that Murf has done just that, and makes it easier than ever to bring along a paddleboard to those secret summer spots. With a powerful 52 volt battery powering your ride, along with a full line up of quality components, this bike makes adventuring a breeze. We carry both Murf’s classic and step-through cruiser models, so you can find the perfect fit. Explore your options with Murf below:

Murf was made by people who ride, surf, and work. For them, efficiency and capability was key when building a new brand of bike. “We use high quality components like hydraulic disk brakes, Shimano gear systems, 52 volt Samsung celled batteries, and rust-resistant stainless steel components wherever possible. We back it all up with a two year warranty on the motor, battery and frame. If you’re looking for a high quality, affordable, and cool electric bike you can’t go wrong with a Murf.” While we at Cyclepaths have always been passionate about mountain biking, we’re excited to share this alternative that keeps people riding, wherever they might be headed.

How Exactly Do Electric Bikes Work?

E-bikes run on an electric motor that draws power from the lithium ion battery pack. Class 1 e-bikes, ( most all E-bike mountain bikes), are assisted and propelled forward by manually pedaling, and have a top assist of 20 mph. Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes ( commuter style e-bikes) have a throttle to assist and work in tandem when pedaling; or by acting alone, like the throttle on a moped or motorcycle, with top motor speeds of 25 and 28 mph, respectively. Either way,  you can hum right along by pedaling with 5 levels of assistance, or just by hitting the throttle and using  the electric motor only.

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