Hydration Ultra 750 HF 0,75L


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Ultra-Lightweight Hydration for Neck Brace Fit


Designed to fit on your neck brace. The ultimate setup for short stint, when you need less than 1L of fluid.


Perfectly balanced on the thoracic of the neck brace and features a hands-free hydration system that fits directly into a full-face helmet.


• 750ml Hydration
• Hands-free drinking system included
• Lightweight, durable outer shell
• Heat reflective inner back panel to keep liquid cool or hot
• Tunnels for left and right routing of the hydration tube
• Race inspired graphics with custom area for personalization
• Military strength gate lock
• Fits all Leatt® neck braces from 2005 onwards (excluding twin thoracic STX and SNX)
• Size: One size


45% Polyester 35% Nylon 20% Polypropylene

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