Demo/Rental Bike Program

 D e m o /   R e n t a l   B i k e s

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, E-MTB Class 1 bikes, Class 2 Cruiser Style E-bikes 

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  General Demo/ Rental Bike Information
1/ All mountain bikes that we rent and demo are trail bikes designed to climb to the top and descend with conviction. We do not rent/demo DH rigs.
2/ Pick a bike that fits your riding style and trail needs. In making your selection, consider that the shorter the travel, the better the climber, though with today’s modern geometry, even the longer travel bikes climb amazingly well. The longer the travel, the better the descender and the more stable at high speed, though once again, modern geo has made the shorter travel bikes very capable descenders. 
3/ Reserving a bike on-line is an all-day affair, meaning from open to close. Half day starts at 1:30 so show up at 1:00 to get things started. Half-day is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
4/ Regardless of a bike’s capability, we do not let our bikes to go NorthStar’s Bike Park. There is a lot of rough, rocky, super techy expert terrain at NorthStar, and we suggest if that’s your jam, rent a DH bike from the park concession. You’ll have a lot more fun. If you break this rule, you will be held liable for the damage or replacement up to the full retail price of the bike. No exceptions.
If you love your riding experience, and are interested in purchasing a rental/demo bike at a great price at the end of our riding season, initial the appropriate box on your waiver and you will be automatically put on the list.

‘Ride Before You Buy’ Demo Program

The ‘Ride Before You Buy’ Demo Program is all about Test-Riding the various bikes you are interested in; doing it on your favorite trail, in a real world situation; and determining what bike’s performance, fit, style, really fits for you. Here are our 2 Options to this Program:
Option 1: After determining which bike or bikes you are interested in test-riding, hit our local test track for a 20 minute out and back, on each of your options. Cost is $60/hr. for unlimited bike options.
Option2: If taking a demo bike to your favorite trail for 1/2 day or even all day, is more your style, simply pay the day or 1/2 rate, and follow the general rules outlined in the regular rental/ demo program.
Either way, once you have decided on what bike you are ready to buy, we will deduct 75% of your demo fees towards the purchase price. Some restrictions apply.



Day Rate is Open to Close. Half Day Rate is 1:30 to Close

Multi-day rentals are available. Please book ‘Day 1’ and then call us to book extra days at 530.582.1890 or email us at


Big Mountain Trail Bikes (Carbon Frame): Rocky Mountain Altitude, Deviate Claymore, Revel Rail, Santa Cruz Bronson

$150/day, $100 ½ day


All Mountain Trail Bikes (Carbon Frame): Rocky Mountain Instinct, Deviate Highlander, Revel Rascal, Santa Cruz Hightower.

$150/day, $100 ½ day.


All Mountain Trail Bikes (Alloy Frame): Rocky Mountain Instinct/ Element/ Santa Cruz Tallboy.

$110/day, $80 ½ day.

Class 1  E-MTB Bikes and Class 2 E-Cruiser Bikes


Hardtail E-MTB (Alloy): Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay

$120/ day $80 ½ day


Big Mountain Trail E-MTB (Carbon): Santa Cruz Heckler

$180/day   $120 ½ day


Big Mountain Alloy E-MTB (Alloy): Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay

$140 day   $95 ½ day


All Mountain Trail E-MTB (Alloy): Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

$140/day  $95 ½ day


Class 2 Cruiser-Style E-bike/ Throttle Assist: Murf Higgs Step-thru Fat Tire Mini, Izzy Step-thru Cruiser 26

$100/day  $70 ½ day


‘Ride Before You Buy’ Program Allows for Up to 75% Rebate

 of Demo Fees to be Applied towards Purchase Price

of the Bike you Buy.


Multi-day Rates: 3 0r More Days 15% off.

Chargers will be Provided with a $200 refundable deposit,

 on their return.



Demo / Rental Bike Options




Big Mountain Trail Bikes

This category is all about the long travel, enduro-style bikes, with 160 to 170 of  ultra plush travel front and rear, that can handle the roughest of terrain, at speed. They will still get you to the top of the mountain, albeit with a bit more effort, as their robust design and spec adds a bit of weight compared to the shorter travel designs. 

Rocky Mountain Altitude– 170-160mm travel, 29” wheels except SM (27.5”) Purpose-built and race-proven, this 4 bar linkage design is the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster. EWS World Cup Winner 2022. Premier Carbon at $150/ day and Performance Alloy at $110.

Deviate Claymore– 170-165mm travel, 29” wheels. This high-pivot full-suspension mountain bike features a full-carbon make-up, a frame optimized for enduro racing where it offers an unrivalled balance of high-speed control and excellent pedaling efficiency for all-day riding comfort thanks to our meticulously tested high-pivot suspension design. Premier Carbon Only $150/day. Walk-in ½ day afternoon $100.

Revel Rail– 160-155mm travel, 29” wheels.  Represents the best of what Revel has learned since launching the Revel brand just three short years ago. Originally a 27.5 bike, the new 29” wheels, bigger bearings, beefier hardware, and an absurdly well-tuned CBF™ suspension platform make this bike something to be proud of. This bike’s climbing efficiency is truly impressive for a bike with 155mm of travel, and is right at home on the top of any enduro race track, the bike park, or all day epics in the hills. Premier Carbon Only $140/day. Walk-in ½ day afternoon $100.

Santa Cruz Bronson– mixed wheel 160-150 travel bike. Though on the shorter travel end of the Big Mountain spectrum, this mullet-style bike is super capable at speed, is ultra nimble through the rough stuff, and due to the amazing VPP design, rallies on the climbs. Premier Carbon Only $140/day. Walk-in ½ day afternoon $100.


All Mountain Trail Bikes

This category is all about the mid- travel design that affords a bike a bit shorter wheelbase than the big travel versions, offering the bonus of a more playful nimble ride. 130 to 150 mm of travel is still enough travel to absorb rough terrain and good descending capabilities, while having great climbing ability. 

Rocky Mountain Instinct– 150-140mm travel, 29” wheels except XS (27.5”). The baby brother of the Altitude has the same 4 bar linkage design offering an amazingly plus ride. If you’re looking for one bike that does it all, look no further than the Instinct.  Designed to be capable of tackling technical trail riding but still allows you to push the pedals hard on the climbs. A bonus of this bike is it’s ability to adjust the head/ seat tube angles up to 1 full degree to maximize your riding style and terrain features. Carbon at $140/ day and Performance Alloy at $120/day.

Santa Cruz Tallboy– 130-120mm travel, 29” wheel trail bike, offering awesome climbing ability coupled with amazing downhill capability and versatility. Though short on travel, this VPP designed bike is long on playfulness. An all round down-country winner. Performance Alloy $120/day.

Santa Cruz Hightower– 150-145mm 29” wheel  all-mountain trail bike.  Big on wheels, medium on travel, short on fuss, this is the do-it-all model that does it over, and over again thanks to a versatile balance of geo, spec, durability, and the amazing Virtual Pivot design. Premier Carbon Only $140/day.

Revel Rascal– 140-130mm travel, 29” wheels. A confidence-inspiring and ultra-versatile mountain bike for all applications. This fast, nimble bike will leave you surprised at the breadth of terrain that it can conquer. The Canfield Balance Formula is the heart of every Revel bike, which maximizes the amount you pedal in the sweet spot. The Rascal is a fast and capable mountain bike in a sleek package that you can ride every day, regardless of terrain. Premier Carbon Only $140/day.

Deviate Highlander– 150-140mm travel, 29” wheels. This all mountain ripper features a full-carbon make-up, and high-pivot suspension design to soak up any chunk the trail has to throw at it. The frame is optimized for all-mountain adventures where it offers a fantastic pedal platform to make those all-day epics a lot more fun. Premier Carbon Only $140/day.



Class 1 E-MTB pedal assist Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay– 120 mm front suspension hardtail- with 108nm of torque and a top motor speed of 20mph, the Growler is well suited for the dirt and bike paths alike. The 2.8 plus size 27.5 tires add a level of comfort while providing maximum traction in the loosest terrain. Performance Alloy E-MTB  $120/day.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay– alloy frame, full suspension e-bike with the same 150-140mm travel as the analog version it is based on. With 720wh of battery capacity and 108nm of torque, this bike will take you deeper, faster, without a hitch. Performance Alloy E-MTB  $140/day.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay– alloy frame, full suspension e-bike with 170-160mm of travel, this e-bike can handle the roughest terrain, and propel you faster and further than you could imagine. This is the biggest bike in Rocky’s e-bike arsenal, and is based on their Enduro World Cup winning analog Altitude. . Performance Alloy E-MTB  $140/day.

Santa Cruz Heckler– Think the 160-150 Bronson with a motor. Mixed wheel (29F/27.5R) carbon frame, shedder powered with the top-of -the-line Shimano EP8 motor and 700wh Panasonic battery and the race proven VVP suspension design. . Premier Carbon E-MTB  $180/day.


Class 2 E-bike pedal/ throttle assist Cruiser-style bikes

The Murf Higgs Step Thru– a 20” wheel electric mini bike for adults or kids featuring a 15 Amp Hour battery. That means you’ll get roughly 40-50 miles per charge. A 52V battery is able to deliver the same amount of power using less current, this means you’ll get awesome power from your electric mini bike while generating less heat in the motor and controller. A higher voltage also allows you to get more range out of your electric fat bike before you notice any decrease in power. Class 2 E-bike $100/day.

The Murf Izzy Step-thru- Murf’s cruiser electrified, the high-quality Samsung cell batteries will get you between 35-50 real-world miles per charge. This depends on rider weight, terrain, and riding style. You’ll reach a top speed of 20 mph using throttle only. If you pedal with the motor you’ll go faster. Class 2 E-bike $100/day. Walk-in ½ day afternoon $70.


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