Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Cyclepaths is proud to be the longest standing Rocky Mountain Bicycle dealer in the United States. Why Rocky Mountain? They’ve been developing high performance mountain bikes out of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains since 1981. Many things have changed since then, but Rocky’s product developers, engineers, marketing nerds, salespeople, and athletes are still a tight-knit crew that work and play together. “From local trail days to backcountry adventures, we’re all here for a reason: we love mountain biking.” Winter off-season deals up to 30% off!


Shot of the Rocky Mountain Instinct C70 on the shores of Tahoe- Felix Stix

Full Suspension: (example: Altitude A30)

A full-suspension mountain bike features both a suspension fork up front and a rear shock, for maximum control on more difficult terrain. Full suspension models are popular among those who want to ride fast, want to tackle more difficult terrain, and want to stay comfortable on those lengthy rides.

Hardtail: (example: Fusion 10)

A hardtail bike has a suspension fork but no rear shock, providing a simpler and often lighter design than full-suspension. Hardtail bikes are often a good option for those who want a lower maintenance ride, those who like to climb, and those who ride smooth terrain. Rocky Mountain offers a variety of hardtail options from trail to cross country, so you can find just the right fit.

Powerplay E-Bike: (example: Instinct Powerplay C50)

Powerplay electric mountain bikes are the latest technology from Rocky Mountain. These Class 1 bikes, offered in full and front suspension, have a range of options for those who want to go further than they ever thought possible! Pedal assist technology lets you control when the extra power kicks in, and every Powerplay is fueled by Rocky’s innovative Dyname drive.

Youth Mountain Bikes: (example: Growler Jr. 26)

Rocky Mountain offers top of the line options for youth mountain bikers. “Whether they’re riding to school or are getting their first tracks on dirt, experiencing the thrill of riding a bike is a fundamental and healthy part of growing up.” Check out our options for young athletes.

Fat Bikes: (example: Blizzard 20)

Fat Bikes are mountain bikes built with “fat” tires that are wider than the average size, giving you traction on snow, sand, and other off-road terrain. Rocky Mountain builds some of the business’ best fat bikes, and we are proud to offer them to you.

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