Santa Cruz Bicycles

CyclePaths has been carrying Santa Cruz Bicycles since their start in 1994.  Santa Cruz’s very first bike was built with dual suspension, and set the scene for full suspension models of the future. Over the years, they’ve expanded their patented “Virtual Pivot Point” or VPP suspension design, to a wide range of models and styles, but have always maintained one goal: to make bikes that are “Simply Advanced.” Come and test ride and discover which Santa Cruz bike is right for you. Authorized Storewide Sale on Tallboy, Hightower, Megatower, Bronson, Going on Now, Save 20%!

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Full Suspension: (example: Tallboy A, R Kit)

A full-suspension mountain bike features both a suspension fork up front and a rear shock, for maximum control on more difficult terrain. Full suspension models are popular among those who want to ride fast, want to tackle more difficult terrain, and want to stay comfortable on those lengthy rides.  Santa Cruz Bicycles were pioneers when it came to full suspension, and their lineup today is just as impressive.

Hardtail: (example: Chameleon A, R Kit)

A hardtail bike has a suspension fork but no back shock, providing a simpler and often lighter design than full-suspension. Hardtail bikes are often a good option for those who want a lower maintenance ride, those who like to climb, and those who tend to ride flowy and somewhat smooth terrain, or who jump a lot and like the feel of their trail bike to be more like a dirt jumper.

Mountain E-Bike: (example: Heckler C MX, S Kit)

Santa Cruz makes two Class 1 e-bikes, and offers a range of options for those who want to go further than they ever thought possible! Each electric bike that Santa Cruz carries is powered by Shimano, which boasts maximum power while still feeling lightweight.

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